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Sideman Sidebar:

Danny Alguire

Danny wrote a charming and sincere tribute to Benny Strickler (below)

Download a pdf of Danny's monograph

Download "Danny Alguire Remembered," by ChrisTyle, 1992

Between WWII and 1949 Alguire worked and recorded with Country & Western Swing acts like T. Texas Tyler and Merle Travis.

This image is from a film short with Travis

In the 1950s & '60s Danny brought to Firehouse Five Plus Two some of  the tunes and training from his stint observing Wills.

From a film short of Firehouse Five Plus Two Jazz Band

Danny Alguire Sings "Home in San Antone" for Bob.mp3

Bob 'SUPREMELY HAPPY' w/ this band, Cuts a hotel band.mp3

BOB's CIGAR, Bob 'beat the devil,' Benny on Wills.mp3

BENZEDRINE & booze.mp3

Wills BUS left at 2am.mp3

Benny was 'Straw boss' for Tulsa broadcasts & tours.mp3

Benny's Buddy

Courtesy Hal Smith)

Danny Alguire's Monograph

Danny wrote a charming and sincere personal tribute to Benny
Download a .pdf copy

The 3-page Floyd Levin article about Benny that Alguire refers to is reproduced in:
Classic Jazz, Floyd Levin, Univ of Calif Press, 2000